Who We Are

2013-06-22 19.10.33

Hi we are Sam and Zhenya (of BeingZhenya.com), a married couple living in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. After having been married for 2 years we bought our first house in St. Louis Park. If you’ve ever been to this area, you know that it’s famous for it’s post WW II housing, and our home is not an exception! Built in 1949, this story and a half is wonderful, but it’s also a work in progress! But we are ready to take on all of the projects, from installing new siding and gutters, to completely updating the basement! There will be a lot of DIY and upcycle projects, pictures, and maybe even some videos!

Thank you for sharing our Story (and a half! 🙂 )

Sam and Z


One thought on “Who We Are

  1. Kate Gawron

    This is such a great idea to have for yourselves and to share with friends and family! I am so happy for you and Sam, Genia! Can’t wait to read along and find out what creative things you will do.


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