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Gardening 101

2013-07-01 12.29.27

Our new house came with a very interesting and apparently specifically designated spot for a garden! It’s an almost perfect rectangle, and, to be honest with you, I was really excited to have that space. Growing up in Russia I spent most of my summers at a country house, or as we Russians call it Dacha. And not to mislead you, that place is no resort. Every Russian child has horrible memories of it, because that’s where parents and grandparents get to torture young ones, and well, to be 100% honest with you – it’s slave labor!

But all that dacha time didn’t go by wasted! I know how to use a shovel, I might even remember something about growing a vegetable or two, and I definitely know a lot about weeding, and trimming strawberries… And potatoes, don’t ask me about potatoes!

Now that wonderful gardening area looked perfectly fine when we first looked at the house, it looked fine when it was time for inspection, but then came the final walkthrough, and with that came the 3 ft weeds, that I had to pull out, and then shovel the whole area (yes, I got the last shovel at our local Super Target!).

I also started looking around the web for gardening ideas and inspirations! You can come check out my Pinterest board here. I was worried though, because by the time we closed and moved into the house, it was already the end of June! So I thought that if I planted anything, it wouldn’t grow. Plus, I never believed in having a green thumb!

That’s when my mother-in-law came to the rescue, and came over with some of her plants, and a book on perennials, that grow in Minnesota.

So after about an hour, my rectangle started looking like that:

2013-07-01 15.30.33

We’ve added on a few more plants since then, and I will be posting again with a few more pictures in a couple weeks!

Do you have any gardening tips or advice? Any inspirational pics you want to share?